Sacred Rose Initiation in Sedona

dnaactivation priestessoftherose roselineage sacredsistersoftherose sedona Jul 25, 2022
Sacred Rose Intiation in Sedona

This past weekend I traveled to Sedona, AZ to be initiated into the Sacred Sisters of the Rose; an ancient lineage of the Divine Feminine Christ. Approximately 30 women from all over the world attended and gathered for this experience.


I was originally going to go by myself, but my husband AJ expressed interest in coming with me. SO! We towed our CanAm so he and a dear friend of ours could go off-roading and hiking while I was at the workshop. I’m so glad the guys came with me - it was awesome to come back to our rental home after a day of being immersed in the “woo” and feminine energy, to their strong, supportive masculine energy.


The first day of Sacred Sisters of the Rose, we received light activations and cellular DNA clearings from Keleena and Shekina to ready us for the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene. This also prepared us for our individual initiations on the last day, in becoming a Priestess of the Rose.


We sat in circle and held space as Keleena channeled Isis. She went to each sister, one at a time, and removed negative energy and blockages. It was quite something to witness. She channeled light language and contorted her body in ways unfamiliar. She said that as she removes these blocks, they move through her body and then she releases them back to the light to return to love. 


When she got to me, she intuitively zoned in on my two energy centers that I struggle with (without me having ever shared them with her), my solar plexus and throat chakra. As she extracted from these areas I felt a beautiful release. 


She also pulled out energy from my upper back. My first ever tattoo is across my back, from shoulder to shoulder. At the end she said that there was something there from the person who put the tattoo on me. She announced to the group that tattoos are fine, but we all need to be aware of the energy exchange that happens when receiving a tattoo because the tattooers energy in traveling through, into your body.


Keleena also led a shamanic womb cleanse. Women in the circle were letting out intense, primal sounds: screaming, wailing, sobbing… their grief, pain, and sorrow was palpable. My experience was much more gentle and if anything activated feelings of sensuality and deep gratitude for my womb space and lady bits.


During the womb meditation I saw out of the corner of my third eye, a beautiful white spider. She had a bodacious abdomen and gracefully long legs. Her presence felt loving and mysterious. Later that evening back at our Airbnb, as I was sitting outside with the guys, I noticed out of the corner of my physical eye, a beige colored spider weaving a web on my chair!


The morning of the second day, the guys took off early to go ride, so I had the bnb to myself. I brewed some cacao and journaled. Outside I noticed two beautiful synchronicities: on the property was a gorgeous rose bush with a beautiful bloom. There was also a tree in the backyard that was expressing Divine duality and I saw the wings of Isis in the trunk. Both signs were so lovely to receive.


The second day of the event was lovely. We honored Mary Magdalene by reciting devotional prayers in unison. During the group meditation, we were given 12 temples to choose from. The Temple of Beauty, Temple of Magic, Ritual, and Ceremony, Temple of Self Love … to name a few. I chose the Temple of Divine Love. In the meditation we were greeted by a Goddess who would work with us in the temple. The goddess that came to me was Isis.


The final day, we all received individual initiations based on the temple and goddess that revealed to us from the prior days meditation. We were instructed to wear all white for the sacred initiations. It was stunning to see a room filled with ladies in pure white. Each woman approached the stage, chose a rose, and the color shawl (red or white) for her consecration. I chose a deep red rose and the white robe. Keleena channeled blessings and activations while Shekina sang the most beautiful light language songs. 


I felt so alive afterwards!


And of course I was gifted a new soul sister BFF over the weekend!


Celeste and I connected immediately on the first day, took our lunches together and spent Friday and Saturday evening together. We both share a love for our spiritual paths, but keep it pretty grounded. We giggled non stop - totally on the same humor frequency. We both share in the experience of deep grief - her twin passed at 13 years old and her father passed in 2015 (my dad passed in 2018 and mom passed in 2020). Celeste leads Ayahuasca ceremonies and holds the preparation and integration process with utmost reverence. 


The event was amazing, but meeting Celeste + the instant yummy bond we have takes the cake (or shall I say ‘ takes the rose’) for me.


Check her out on IG or visit her website.


I am SO full of gratitude for the Sisters of the Rose experience + being initiated as a Priestess of the Rose!


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