I’m a retired esthetician and lash artist with over 13 years experience in the beauty industry.

I’ve taken my business from brick & mortar to the online space and have a wide range of experience in all things beauty + wellness.

Years ago I began feeling deep longing to be of greater service to others.

I loved supporting my clients in meeting their outer beauty goals, but there came a point where that wasn’t satisfying my soul.

I thought to myself, there is no way God/Creator put me here solely to focus on outer beauty.

So I began my journey of healing myself and went on to invest in countless certifications to help humans cultivate radical, timeless INNER beauty.

I’ve spent thousands investing in working with my own business coaches, healers and masterminds because I know firsthand the incredible potency of working with those I admire, who have been in the trenches, who embody a frequency that oozes confidence, clarity, and purpose.

I’m certified in Life Coaching by BYCA which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I’ve taken all three levels of Reiki, hold an advanced crystal healing certification, am certified in EFT and Hypnosis… just to name a few.

I bundle my wild love for the beauty industry, with energy healing and transformational mentorship, to support my fellow Beauty CEOs, beauty biz owners, and the like.

I personally have experienced debilitating exhaustion from being booked back to back for 10 hours a day, the overwhelming feeling to generate income, the fire going out on my love for my career, confusion around where my business was headed, and SO MUCH MORE.

I know I’m not alone in this and it was breaking my heart that the industry I so love is FULL of other professionals who face these same challenges. It’s like it’s normalized to kill yourself in this industry.

I saw a gap that desperately needed to be filled. 

This birthed a loud calling to guide + support lucrative beauty entrepreneurs to call in more passion, pleasure, and freedom so they can fully live and embody their success and be deliciously nourished in their life and business.

Some of the things I support beauty CEOs like you with:


🦅creating FREEDOM in your business so you can keep thriving sustainably and heal from burnout, hustle culture, and outdated modes of business

💰bringing in more PROSPERITY so you can have more abundance for things like travel, self care, providing for your loved ones

❤️‍🔥 fanning the flames of passion + creativity for your craft & business so you can bring your unique magic sauce to the industry and your clients

🏅Achieve your professional goals in areas such as social media, service/offering creation, pricing, calling in aligned clients, business boundaries, etc so you can increase visibility and be in love with your business. Supporting you in personal goals such as healing personal relationships with self + others, increasing self belief + courage, and calling in more pleasure in life so you can embody + enjoy the fruits of your labor

⚡️Raising your vibrational set point through practices + modalities such as energy clearing, hypnosis, EFT, Human Design so you can be a magnet for your life and businesses highest vision and legacy

It sets my soul alive to be able to be a lighthouse for beauties like you, my fellow beauty industry leaders and visionaries.

I do not do anything for you  that you can’t do yourself. 

I’m not the one doing the work; YOU are a sovereign, intelligent, highly capable and high achieving babe.

But even the strongest, most resilient + accomplished of hearts need loving, raw, honest guidance in life and biz.

We humans are designed for commUNITY and to receive actionable + implementable practices that encourage personal and professional development so we can keep shining our light and art into the world.

If this is turning you on, that’s a damn good sign working together will light you TF up and revive + refresh your beauty business and life on a holistic, quantum level.

Ways we can work together

And if you’re not ready for that level of support, then come hang in my Outlaw Empire by tuning in to my podcast, getting in my social media orbit, or reach out here with any questions - I SO love hearing from my beauty community.


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