Rekindle is my signature, transformative 1:1 coaching experience for the woman full of sass + soul.

You’re a fierce woman, trailblazin’ the hell outta your wildest dreams

The kinda gal who mixes grit n’ grace as you joy ride across your Empire

You’re a femme pioneer, going against the grain, building your Heaven on Earth

Yea, I see ya sweet thang, in all your raw beautiful glory

🔥Your Husband/Partner/Family

🔥Your Relationship with Yourself - spiritual, mental/emotional, + physical well-being

🔥Your Connection to God|Higher Power

🔥And of course Your Business|Clients|Community


There are times while growing + running your Empire that you may feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and lackluster.


⚡️When the desert feels barren and lonely

⚡️When your road maps gotten a bit shabby

⚡️When the sky is cloudy and you can’t locate your North Star

⚡️When going it alone is no longer an option


Rekindle is the intimate mentorship that will guide you through, seeing you stoke the flames of your sacred fire so you can keep burnin’ bright AF

Inside Rekindle, we gussy up your Empire for 3-6 months with a healthy dose of:

  • Lush self love & empowerment rituals
  • Biz energetics & solutions
  • Mindset breakthroughs, emotional healing, intuitive guidance 
  • Weekly or bi-weekly 60-90 min private calls for 3 or 6 mos
  • Private chat on telegram for support + continued magick between calls
  • Juicy, intuitive, highly tailored coaching that’s unique to you
  • Access to my wealth of wisdom of 10+ years of running my own biz, thriving in my marriage, and countless energy healing + coaching certifications that help me help YOU
  • Complimentary access to Novice Goddess ($1350 value)

"Working with Ginger was so transformational for both my personal and business development. I said YES to mentorship with Ginger, where she helped to guide me in my spiritual practices that led to deep personal growth. I learned to create a meaningful daily ritual that reflected my own individual needs and pushed me to be consistent and accountable in my own transformation."

I'm SO Ready
  • You’re uber dedicated to your personal growth
  • Self Leadership + Self Empowerment turns you TF on
  • You’re devoted to thriving in your business
  • Nurturing your home life + marriage/partnership is high priority
  • You loooove being radically responsible for your success
  • Ready for soul sister love + support in life+biz
  • Desiring soul aligned guidance + accountability
  • Want to learn rituals + sacred practices to keep you vibin’ high
  • You don’t have a business// aren’t self employed // identify as an entrepreneur
  • You’re looking for a quick fix AKA not willing to show up for your transformation 
  • Not excited about revitalizing your life, love, and biz

"I have been a client of Ginger’s for over 5 years. During our sessions, she is a sounding board of reason and an unbiased counselor in my life. She has helped me work through many hardships. She listens whole heartedly and sees a problem from every angle. She brings light to all sides of an issue making it much easier to contemplate and rectify. I am so thankful to work with her monthly; She helps keep me sane! She is a truly calming and caring spirit."


3 Month Mentorship

from $680


  • Pay in Full
  • x3 monthly payments
  • x6 monthly payments

6 Month Mentorship

from $700


  • Pay in Full
  • x6 monthly payments
  • x9 monthly payments

"Awakening is about liberating yourself from the prison that is the world of the mind and daring to be here as all that you are"