Personal + Professional Revolution for High Level Beauty CEOs:



Putting yourself first and filling your own cup before you overgive sounds dreamy AF but figuring out where to start feels a tad overwhelming. Lets refine and simplify this to fit your lifestyle because sister, you GET TO make the rules.


Despite what we’ve been led to believe, burnout in business is NOT necessary to succeed in building your empire. It is not part of the package of owning + running your business. I created Rekindle for women like you to find + own your unique superpowers so burnout is no longer in your vocab.


Leaky boundaries are so last year, I’m inviting you to play in the era of setting luxuriously badass boundaries and upholding them because you are worth it. We are going to redefine what it means to hold sexy boundaries and wave goodbye to the people pleaser, the good girl in you. She’s been holding you back for too long.

Your desire for more is not unwarranted, in fact, you fkng deserve it! I know you’re a powerhouse woman trailblazing your beauty empire and it’s natural to feel like you’ve peaked in business. The secret lies in understanding the highest return on investment activities for YOU specifically and eliminating the rest.


Inside REKINDLE, I introduce you to my signature process

that generates:

Elevated prosperity, without sacrificing your sanity + energy, so you can feel secure + nourished through your business
Revitalized passion + purpose so you can access the highest vision of your life + biz AND take aligned action on your dreamy visions + desires + goals
Next level confidence and self worth so you can be empowered & embodied in your success, and fucking run your empire in a way that’s true to YOU.

First things first: I get you because I am you; I’m not some rando coach slangin snake oil. I’m dedicated to our beauty industry and I’ve been a licensed, practicing esthi and multi certified lash artist in the state of AZ since 2009. I’ve been an hourly employee for a world renowned spa, worked commission, worked in salons and day spas, gone independent, and have my own lucrative beauty business.


Here’s what makes having me as your coach an unparalleled experience:


Throughout REKINDLE we’ll be working with your Human Design.

Human Design is an incredible tool that helps you understand your gifts + strengths, as well as areas you’re susceptible to burnout and conditioning. Your Human Design is what allows me to help guide + support you specifically and customize your coaching journey - no two coaching experiences are the same because no two people are the same and Human Design is the modality to tailor your coaching in a way that gets you the results you're craving.



Your unconscious mind is powerful.

The beliefs/stories/memories stored there have the biggest influence over your conscious, waking life & business.

As a certified hypnotist, I’m trained to suss out your patterns/blocks/habits that do not serve you or your business. 

I create custom tracks to help my clients with areas such as:

  • Elevated self belief so you can have the confidence and courage to run your empire with clarity
  • Healing negative self talk, imposter syndrome, burnout, etc so you can be fully empowered, genuinely thriving + lead yourself intentionally
  • Launching new products, offers, services so you can stay motivated + passionate while calibrating to a new level of your business
  • Magnetizing more prosperity + wealth so you can be financially nourished and keep building your beauty legacy

Inside REKINDLE, we will discuss your goals and dreams for yourself and your business, from there I’ll create a custom track(s) that will make you a magnet for your desired reailty.

You’ll receive one custom hypnotic track for 3mos coaching or 2 custom tracks for 6mos.



As a beauty CEO + visionary, you have luscious desires for your beauty empire.

As a certified life coach, I know what it takes to help you achieve + soar.

We’ll have weekly or bi-weekly 60min calls where I’ll support you in clarifying your goals + create aligned action steps.

This looks like:

  • Accountability so you can take inspired action
  • Business coaching + consulting so you can run your biz sustainably 
  • Mindset tweaks + pivots so you can get out of your own way
  • Having me in your corner celebrating you + offering juicy, genuine encouragement that's so supportive for you to stay driven, focused, and devoted in your life + biz.

All the best athletes have coaches so they can be at the top of their game.

Our industry should be no different.

You’ll also have a private chat with me via Telegram app (free) for support, check-ins, etc between calls.

YES, this is for me.

The support + guidance you receive from me is tailor made.

The same way we would never use the exact same formula on every hair client, use the same lash diameter, or paint on the same chemical peel…

You have your own sovereign dreams, goals, and beauty experience.


And I honor TF out of that.


REKINDLE will be built out for you, BUT structure is :


3 Month Mentorship


Plans from $1200/month

  • weekly 60 min calls; 12 calls (Calls will be recorded and sent to you within 24hrs so you can listen back at any time)

  •  Telegram voice + note support 5 days/wk mon-fri ;12 wks

  •  1 custom hypnotic track 

  •  Astrology reading with my favorite astrologer for added insight (Bonus Gift)


6 Month Mentorship


Plans from $800/month

  • bi-weekly 60min calls; 12 calls (Calls will be recorded and sent to you within 24hrs so you can listen back at any time)

  •  Telegram voice + note support 5 days/wk mon-fri ; 24 wks

  •  2 custom hypnotic tracks

  • Custom affirmation track

  •  Astrology reading with my favorite astrologer for added insight (Bonus Gift)