Your destination is not a place, but a journey to new ways of seeing + experiencing your life

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Hello Goddess, I’m so glad something inside you nudged you to come to this page (your intuition is always on point!).

I’ve been committed to my spiritual evolution and practices for over 15 years and I’ve made a love affair of my personal and spiritual development.

It has changed everything in my life for the better:

  • my marriage is amazing
  • my business is growing
  • and the amount of love + peace in my heart is overflowing!

But let me tell you, it did NOT start this way.

At first I was

  • overwhelmed with information overload
  • didn’t know what practices to do first or what would benefit me the most
  • was going through anxiety…

My desire to be perfect and do everything “right” in my practice really clouded my ability to just drop in, receive, and feel the flow and ease I so desperately craved.

  • Am I meditating correctly?
  • What should my morning routine look like?
  • Should I use crystals?
  • How do I do a new moon and full moon ceremony?
  • How do I use oracle cards?
  • How do I shift my mindset?
  • What is my mindset anyways?
  • How do I feel more peace and balance every day?
  • What are intentions and how do I set them?
  • How do I connect to my soul?
  • What does sacred space mean?
  • What the heck is this sovereignty that everyone keeps talking about?
  • Embodiment? Huh?

I’ve had SO many of you reaching out, asking me how you can start or deepen your spiritual + mindfulness practices and are feeling that same sense of overwhelm I did when I started out.


Take a deeeeep breath, I got you!


I was called to create something magical for my soul sisters,

AKA you!

So keep scrolling to learn more 😘

Get excited to increase your self love, feel more inner peace, and become a spiritually confident version of YOU.

The first week of Novice Goddess is about getting clear about your intentions for the next 30 days. Inside the first module, you'll learn a powerful breathwork technique that will help you clear your mind + tap in to your heart. You'll also receive exclusive access to a juicy, pre-recorded workshop about learning to journal with intention.

Whether you’re brand new to meditation or have dipped your toes in, this week will support you in growing your practice + learning what meditation style suits you best. You will learn about daily rituals + metaphysical tools that are available to you. Learning fun + beautiful ways to enhance your spiritual practice will help you create a sovereign spiritual experience that you're excited about.

Every Goddess needs to know how to create sacred space for her rituals, create yummy balance + boundaries, and call in protection when you need it. In this module, you will learn how to energetically cleanse yourself, your home, tools, and aura. You will learn about the power + importance of boundaries that can help keep your mind + energy crystalline clear.

The last week of your Novice Goddess journey is all about helping you anchor into daily, weekly, and/or monthly spiritual practices that you can continue doing after this 30 day experience. The goal of this course is to not only help you create spiritual practices you love, but help you in coming back to them regularly so you will continue to benefit indefinitely.

You're devoted to your spiritual growth

Novice Goddess is the sacred experiece your heart has been yearning for. In just 4 sweet weeks, your spiritual practice will blossom, as well as you, sweet Goddess!

I'm SO Ready

Novice Goddess is for you if you're at the beginning of her spiritual journey OR you've begun to dabble! You're desiring more clarity around your practices + your unique process.

This sacred + fun 4 week journey will guide you in cultivating easy to follow rituals, practices, + habits, that will begin to deepen & transform your relationship with yourself, your Higher Self + Divine/God.

Just clear, easy to follow, time effective practices you can start integrating into your life right away (and feel the instant benefits from!!), no matter how busy your schedule.

If you've already gotten started for a few months or years, but want to learn more + go a lil' deeper, there is something for you here as well.

⊹ Access to 4 Modules with pre-recorded videos walking you through each topic [Be Here Now, Sacred Practices, Energy Protection, and Embodiment]

($600 value)

4 Recorded Meditations that are downloadable to support you each week

($200 value)

⊹ PDF’s loaded with spiritual info + journal prompts to help you integrate the work

 ($300 value)

⊹ Special Guest Teachers Jillian Malone and Amy Shearer offering pre-recorded workshops:  Intro to Tarot & Intro to Breathwork

($250 Value)

⊹ My 15+ years of devotion, knowledge, and wisdom to inspire your path (invaluable)

Amy Shearer

Intro to Breathwork

Jillian Malone

Intro to Tarot

All of this juiciness valued at $1350 for a one time payment of $99!


"Awakening is about liberating yourself from the prison that is the world of the mind and daring to be here as all that you are"

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