You Don’t Need Another Fkng Crystal

May 15, 2023

Welcome to the Outlaw Priestess Podcast. I'm your host, Ginger Parker. And today I'm going to be sharing with you one of the ways that I think you might be diluting your connection with your higher self and God. It's something that I am seeing happen to many people around me in the online space. And quite frankly, it's bumming me out.


I'm seeing people giving away their power and obsessing over things that I think are creating tremendous disconnection from God. And also a lot of confusion around communing with God and having spiritual practices and a spiritual life.


What I'm seeing is spiritual dissonance or spiritual bypassing. And it's coming up in the form of people hyper fixating on spiritual tools, rituals and processes. The cosmos.


This is happening with people obsessing over crystals and minerals, giving their power away to celestial events like Mercury retrogrades and eclipse season.


People are becoming dysregulated. They are disconnecting from their true feelings; from really peeling back the layers on why these things are coming up for them and therefore desiring to work with crystals or work with the cosmic energy.


People are forgetting to take radical self-responsibility for their lives, for the things that they're calling in, for the energy that they're putting out and calling towards them, by hyper fixating on these 3D tools, modalities, or actions; as in rituals and processes to connect with God.


My intention today is to remind you that you do not need anything outside of you to connect with Creator.


that you don't need another fucking crystal, you just need God.


One of the reasons I feel so passionate about this topic is because I have caught myself slipping down the slippery slope of giving my power and relationship with God away to things that are not God.


I want you to know (if you don't already)


 I am an advanced and certified crystal healer. I have gone through all three Reiki attunements. I'm a cacao ceremonialist. I hold a certification for EFT which is a somatic practice for healing. 


I still use some of these teachings to support my clients. I still utilize some of these tools and modalities. Sometimes I’ll send a crystal to a client to bring into their space, to amplify the energy that we're working with.




I'm not saying I don't believe in the power of energy healing, I most certainly do. And I'm not saying I don't think that these tools should be worked with. I’m being very clear on that. I’m not saying that they're evil, that they're not not of God... It's actually the opposite; They are of God. 


When I work with these tools (and one of the things I remind my clients) is that the crystal is not God. God created that crystal. So God transmits and works through that crystal as God sees fit, if at all.


When the cosmos are doing their thing and the planets are sending off their frequencies that are impacting us humans here on this planet... I'm not saying that it doesn't hold truth or value, but we shouldn't be obsessed with that, and we can still call upon God to help us and support us through those times, instead of just being like, oh, well, it's Mercury retrograde. So I'm just not going to communicate with loved ones right now, because when Mercury's in retrograde, it makes it difficult. 


No, acknowledge that that's an energy that's present with us, and then ask God to support you in communicating. Work with God instead of hyper-focusing on working with these other tools or these three dimensional things. 


I'm always very clear that when I do tap into tools and modalities, I make no mistakes of thinking that I'm God. I'm very clear with the sacred space that I set up, that I call in. I ask God to move through me. I offer myself up to God to be a vessel for God's love and communication and healing. 


So instead of me thinking or projecting a certain outcome or an expectation, I surrender to God for God to work with me and through me for the highest and greatest good of myself and all.


Now I've been saying God quite a bit in this episode and I understand that there are many of you (and I used to be this person) that really hated hearing God's name. So I'd like to share with you my current experience of God. What's feeling true and alive for me right now: God is formless. God is omnipotent. God is the life force all around us expressing, through us expressing through nature, inanimate objects, animals…the cosmos.


When I say God, what I see, what I feel in my heart, and at this time, is the Holy Mother//Divine Feminine and the Holy Father//Divine Masculine. These two polarities coming together, interweaving, like a double helix, a strand of DNA.


God cannot exist one without the other.


Divine Mother and Holy Father, they are in union, Divine union. Together they are powerful. 


It can be supportive at different times to separate the two, to maybe dive deeper into understanding that specific pillar or energy.


There's times where I feel really called to focus on the goddess, the holy mother. And there's times where I'm really desiring to be held in the divine masculine, the holy father, cosmic creator.


But truly, when I say God, for me, it's the two merged. Doing a sacred dance together.


I rejected God's name for a very long time. I think that was some conditioning. I don’t have a background in religion. My mom and dad did not take me to church. We weren't even part-timers. We didn't go for holidays or anything of that nature. So I don’t have a conditioning from childhood of God and religion or spirituality for that matter, it really just wasn't something that was even talked about in my house.


But I longed to be spiritually nourished. In the beginning stages, I was really drawn to Earth-based practices. I really loved paganism. I loved having multiple deities to speak to or ask for support. My heritage: I'm German, Irish, and Norwegian. Looking back in my family history, my ancestors were earth-based and worshiped multiple deities. So for a long time I felt a strong desire to connect with how my ancestors would worship. And that felt very nourishing for me for quite a long time.


And I don't know really what happened, but somewhere along the line, I started feeling like, this is getting really noisy. This goddess for that, that god for that, this particular practice for this moon, this particular crystal grid to call in abundance. And I just started feeling like, gosh, this is really complicated, I'm really making this convoluted. Why don't I just go straight to God? Why don't I just go straight to the source? 


Even though I don't have religious conditioning, I see it in the external world, and I have friends and loved ones that have been manipulated or hurt by religion, and therefore really detest God, or God's name


I've fallen into that category. I have tried to call God everything other than God:

higher power, source, universe, fill in the blank. My personal practice, my devotional practice, started feeling really diluted because why wouldn't God just have one name? I guess that's kind of how I started to feel and then I started exploring: why am I so resisting God?


What has supported me is what I've already shared is removing whether God is male or female, rather honoring that it's both combined.


Recently, I've been reading the Bible. It's a text that I've never taken the time to read. And I'm finding a lot of spiritual nourishment through reading the Bible at this time, and familiarizing myself with the Old Testament and New Testament.


It's softening my heart, softening my resistance to using God's name. So I wanted to share that with you because again, I have a lot of compassion and empathy for you. If I'm speaking to you right now, or anyone who has been traumatized, abused, manipulated in religious or spiritual settings. 


But this is what feels true for me right now. You will continue to hear me say God. Call God, God. There are still times I may say Source or Higher Power. I just trust that how God is wanting to be communed with that I'm accurately calling upon God. I hope that this makes sense. 


On that note, nothing on this planet: you, myself, animals, the earth, none of these things are literally God, these are God's creations (at least this is my perspective, again, what feels alive for me right now). SO, why would I use a crystal as if it's God or has the power of God? A crystal is a mineral that we do have scientific proof generates and conducts energy, like how quartz crystals are made up predominantly of silica, there's tons of silica in the human body. It's one of the reasons why when we hold a quartz crystal or bring quartz crystal into our field, it can recalibrate our cells and support us in being in more harmony and balance.


We also see this in metals: we know that gold and copper conduct energy, we know that water conducts energy. So again, we have proof, tangible proof, that these things are powerful, and that they can be supportive for generating life force or helping us turn our computers on or reach resonance in our bodies.


But what I'm seeing people doing, is completely eliminating God out of it and just worshiping these tools. These three dimensional things that yes, are very special, but God created them. Instead of grasping at all of these things, escaping how easy and pure it is to connect with God (without these things) is what I'm seeing happening. 


I speak from my own lived experience. There was a time when I started feeling like my whole practice was very diluted and very chaotic. I wanted to bring it back home. That was my way of bringing it back home: getting clear and right with God.


Here’s an example: Pyrite is a mineral (aka fools gold) and when it was first discovered, people thought that it was gold, it was not in fact gold. Pyrite has some metaphysical properties of being known to be supportive for our solar plexus. And it also is known to be able to be

a way of calling in abundance, prosperity, wealth.


So instead of expecting this piece of pyrite to fix your solar plexus chakra, instead of expecting this piece of pyrite to all of a sudden be making dollars pour into your bank account… The invitation here (through this God given mineral) is to utilize it and bring it into our lives as a reminder or as a supportive tool and the only way it has any power, if at all, is because God imbued God's love and frequency into it.


Don't pray to or worship that piece of pyrite.


Pray and worship God for bringing this pyrite into your lived experience. How amazing that God has blessed us with tools… But the scary side is, when we no longer (or refuse or have never believed) that that tool comes from higher power.


People are misconstruing it. They are thinking that the pyrite is the power.


And I firmly disagree with that.


If you are identifying yourself in this transmission and what I'm sharing, if hearing what I'm saying, you're like, “Ooh, shit, I think I think maybe I'm getting a little too obsessed with my rituals. Instead of working with God, I'm expecting myself to produce the outcome that I desire (or whatever tool/modality that you're working with), you're expecting that to be the game changer, the thing that moves the needle in your life.


I'm here to say from my personal experience that that's incorrect. And if we can fine tune, if we can drown out some of this noise and come back to our hearts, our sacred hearts and God, we will experience so much more ease and peace and pleasure in our lives. 


If you love using tarot cards//oracle cards and you’re putting a ton of faith, trust and belief in the cards… maybe you’re thinking that the only way for you to commune with your higher self, to receive direction or guidance or advice in your life is to do readings… maybe put them back in their box or their velvet pouch and set them aside for 30 days.


Any tool: try setting it aside for 30 days. Clear your altar space of any distractions.


Because if these things were to poof and disappear today...


Would that induce anxiety for you? Would that cause you to feel like, “oh fuck, how do I talk to God or how do I talk to myself? How do I get advice? How am I going to call love into my life if that rose quartz doesn't exist anymore?”


When I have felt myself slipping, spiraling into the delusions of all of these tools and modalities, I clear it all out. I get it the fuck out of my face. I don't allow myself to work with those things for a time. Instead, I come to silence.


I come to myself.


I pray, I ask for guidance from God and support.


I hand over (through prayer) anything that's feeling heavy on me that maybe I would have grabbed a crystal for, begging the crystal to help me with.


Instead of pulling a card for guidance or advice, begging that deck to reveal truth to me, I set it aside and I just say, “God show me today, put the right people in my life, bring the right experiences and opportunities that you have blessed and are for me that you've designed for me and give me the courage to see them and welcome them.”


My house is filled with crystals. I burn sacred herbs pretty much daily. I love knowing what's up with the cosmos and seeing what energy is there to be acknowledged and potentially worked with. But I don't let these things run my spiritual nourishment. I don't put tons of stock in these things anymore.


I've come home to myself.


I have come home to God.


This brings me so much fulfillment and peace. 


Then all these other things are just little extras. 


It's kind of like an ice cream sundae. Maybe you're looking at God as vanilla ice cream, like, “oh, that's a little boring. I really want my sprinkles and syrup and strawberries in the form of crystals, tarot cards, and a


other modalities and tools.”


 I get it.


But what's at the foundation? Don't lose sight of what that foundation is.


Build a foundation, a spiritual foundation on Higher Power, on that life force energy, on God. And then just let all of these other things move in and out of your field as they may. If you feel like fucking holding onto your crystal today, go for it. Again, that's not what I'm saying. I hope that my intention… is transmitting to you and to your heart. And if you're feeling spiny or in resistance to what I'm saying, maybe there's something there for you to explore?


If you're loving what I'm saying, fuck yeah. Amazing. We're probably kindred spirits.


Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode. If you loved what I had to say, or maybe even if you didn't, I would still love for you to subscribe. Hang out with me. Come be in my world.


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Thank you so much, sending you all the love, blessings, and may you strengthen your connection with God.


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