Summertime in the Sonoran Desert

cacaoceremony cicada cicada metaphysical mindset coaching summertime in the sonoran desert tucson az Jul 07, 2022
Summertime in the Sonoran Desert

As I write this,

I can hear the cicadas buzzing away outside our home. It’s officially July; when the cicadas make their presence known, Monsoon season in the Sonoran Desert has arrived. 


Their relentless noise making is enough to drive a person mad… but for them, the sound is a result of their abdomen constricting + loosening so their little bodies can receive oxygen. They also “sing” to attract mates, so in a way it's a racket of love.


 The cicadas are singing two reminders: 


BREATHE. The power of breath to heal mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual dis-ease is profound. I have shifted low vibe states through different types of breathwork. Try it right now: take in a deep inhale through your nose, into your abdomen. Exhale an audible sigh through your mouth. Enjoy several rounds of this!


A dear soul sister, Amy Shearer, is an incredible breathwork facilitator. If you’re called to heal through your breath, check her out here.


LOVE. So often we withhold our love… from others as well as ourselves. How would it feel to get loud about love? What kind of world would we have if we sang our love stories at the top of our lungs? I don’t know about you, but a rapturous community of love sounds fucking amazing. Where can you amplify your love of self? Can you then expand upon this, getting louder so that others may experience it for themselves?


Need a musical love boost?

Check out the playlist I curated on Spotify here 

I continue to add uplifting soulFULL tunes, so give it a follow!


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Connecting with Ancestors Cacao + Sound Healing Ceremony 
Sunday July 17th, 2022
Tucson, AZ

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